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A la carte menu

Fried chicken feet with salt

Fried chicken feet with salt are prepared by professional chefs at VUI Garden – individuals with years of experience in creating chicken dishes. As a result, the fried chicken feet with salt possess their unique characteristic, blending perfectly with the garden ambiance, making this traditional dish even more flavorful and reminiscent of home.

This dish is meticulously prepared. After cleaning the chicken feet, the VUI chef carefully removes all the bones, leaving only the desired parts, which are then marinated with spices and stir-fried to achieve a crispy texture. Each step is executed with precision, and the flavor of the chicken feet carries the essence of the care and dedication of the chef. The rich and fresh taste of the dish is what captivates even the most discerning diners.

Indeed, fried chicken feet with salt are a particularly enticing dish for gatherings with friends and family. Visit VUI Garden to enjoy this exquisite delicacy.


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