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Sandworm omelet (Cha ruoi)

Coming to the S-shaped land of Vietnam, with countless delicious and richly flavored national dishes, visitors will be amazed to learn about a specialty that not every tourist has the opportunity to taste – sandworm omelet.

Sandworm is a species of worm that usually lives in freshwater or the sea, especially in the Red River delta region. Sandworm omelet is a rustic dish with a strong taste of rivers, lakes, or seas.

Enjoying this dish in the heart of Hanoi is not easy because not every chef can preserve the original flavor of traditional sandworm omelet. Only at VUI Garden, where the chef is from Hai Duong – the place renowned for its sandworm omelet, can create this dish with the most authentic recipe.

The worms are processed, finely minced, and mixed with ground meat, eggs, and various spices according to the traditional recipe, then evenly fried on all sides. The delicious aroma of the sandworm omelet awakens the sense of smell of the diners. All of these elements blend together to create a distinct Vietnamese flavor with a slightly chewy and crispy texture.

In summary, this dish from the northern region of Vietnam is an excellent highlight on the dining table at VUI Garden, not only known as a specialty enjoyed by international guests but also by the local Vietnamese people.


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