A la carte menu
A la carte menu

Honey-grilled chicken

From fresh and delicious pieces of chicken, the VUI kitchen chef meticulously goes through each step to satisfy even the most discerning diners with their honey-grilled chicken dish. This is a rustic dish of the Vietnamese people, carrying the flavors of the countryside and village.

To create this dish, the VUI chefs carefully select fresh, firm chickens, clean them after initial preparation, marinate the chicken, and finally, proceed to the grilling process. The shiny glaze of honey on the outside, tender and fragrant chicken meat on the inside, and the harmonious blend of honey flavor with the delicious taste of the dish make both the sense of smell and taste come alive in an indescribable way.

Honey-grilled chicken is not only a favored dish among international tourists when choosing to dine at VUI, but it is also suitable for family gatherings or luxurious Vietnamese feasts.

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