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Huong Sen snail cake

In Hanoi, it is famous for a lot of dishes made from snails such as: Bun Oc, Steamed snail, Stir-fried snail, etc. but captivated many diners with Cha Oc dish, although it is just a simple dish, eating and enjoying it is also remembered by its delicious and nutritious taste.

To make delicious Cha Oc requires ingenuity from choosing raw materials to processing. The best snail to make Cha Oc is Snail Jacket, this type of snail has a moderate size, round clouds, thick snail meat, sweet, fatty, crispy and fragrant. Before making, snails are soaked in rice water to clean dirt, then boiled with vinegar to make the snail meat more delicious, and when making, only take the snail meat and finely chop it.

The soul of the dish is in the way of cooking, after having the main ingredients, the cook mixes the snails with raw ham, diced fat, and additional ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, sprouts, horn peppers, onions. Dried, garlic, guise leaves and spices such as fish sauce, pepper, main noodles, … Squeeze each small ball to steam, when eaten, it can be baked or fried.

Cha Oc when eaten will have the crispy taste of snails combined with the fatty taste of pork rolls, a little spicy of chili and the aroma of guise leaves. This is a very delicate and nutritious dish. Come here, let’s feel the delicacy!

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