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Mixed ball soup

Mixed ball soup is a traditional soup of Hanoi, Vietnam. This dish requires the skill and ingenuity of the processor because it includes a lot of ingredients to make a fresh, mild soup with a very unique flavor.

With the main material is the ball. Ball skin is soaked soft, then marinated with white wine, ginger. to deodorize. Drain the water to allow the ball to dry. Carrots, broccoli, white; peas, kohlrabi, shiitake, and dried shelled shrimp after being preliminarily processed are also drained and cooked with the ball in chicken broth or pork bone broth to have a standard bowl of soup.

Mixed ball soup is often indispensable in the Tet tray of Vietnamese people, this soup is very suitable when eaten with white rice and other dishes because it is not too fat, so people enjoy it without feeling sick when combined. .

Although this soup is a bit elaborate and time consuming, the finished product is amazing. So do not hesitate to enjoy the very special mixed ball soup, one of the traditional dishes of the Vietnamese people!

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