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Traditional rice tray

The traditional beauty of Vietnamese rice tray, also known as “thang long” includes many dishes presented on the round tray, including steamed rice, soup, meat, stir-fried vegetables, salted vegetables and spices and a variety of varieties. dipping sauce. The presentation of the dish is not only delicious but also appealing, as it reflects the balance and harmony of flavors and textures present in a meal.

The white rice used in the traditional Vietnamese rice tray is usually steamed in a large pot and then placed in the center of the tray. The rice serves as the base for the dish and creates a neutral background for the other ingredients.

The types of meat used in the traditional rice tray are usually grilled, steamed or stir-fried, including chicken, beef or pork. For example, dishes: grilled pork, steamed chicken with lemon leaves, stir-fried beef with garlic, spring rolls, etc. Meats provide a delicious and protein-rich ingredient to the dish.

Besides meats, there are many types of vegetables, such as sautéed vegetables or pickled vegetables. Pickled vegetables are often crunchy and fragrant, and they create a sharp contrast to savory meats. Make the audience not get bored when enjoying together with meats. Vegetables and salted vegetables are often presented on a tray of Vietnamese rice such as pickles, onions, salad with kohlrabi – carrots,…

In addition to rice, meat and vegetables, the traditional Vietnamese rice tray has dipping sauce. Depending on the dishes included in the tray of rice, different sauces and condiments are required. Be it pure fish sauce, sweet and sour sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce and black sauce,… Fish sauce and seasoning are also important factors, it provides flavor to the meal and allows diners to eat. Customize the dish to your liking.

One of the unique features of a traditional Vietnamese rice tray is its visual presentation. The dish is arranged in an eye-catching way: white rice is in the middle and meats, vegetables and fish sauce and spices are arranged around. The arrangement of dishes is intended to reflect the balance and harmony of the flavors and textures present in the meal. The use of different colors, textures and flavors creates a harmonious visual performance that is pleasing to the eye and stimulates the taste buds.

The traditional Vietnamese rice tray is often served as a main course in lunch or dinner, making it perfect for gathering with family and friends.

In short, the traditional beauty of the Vietnamese rice tray is not only the image and taste charm of each dish contained in the rice tray. The traditional Vietnamese rice tray is also a delicious and hearty meal that will surely satisfy those who want to experience Vietnamese cuisine.

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