Instructions on how to make simple “divine” iced chocolate at home

If you are looking for a drink for a hot summer day, try making this very simple “divine” iced chocolate at home! Just follow up now!

Chocolate ice blended is a favorite drink of many people. The combination of fragrant chocolate and greasy fresh cream is definitely irresistible. Vui Garden will guide you how to make this delicious dish through the following details.

1. Ingredients for making iced chocolate

  • 5g chocolate powder
  • 8g Frappe Powder (Vegetable Creamy Powder)
  • 20ml vegetable fat cream
  • 40ml fresh milk
  • 20ml sugar water
  • 30ml condensed milk
  • 20ml chocolate sauce


Chocolate sauce, frappe powder, vegetable fat cream you can find and buy at stores selling baking ingredients or on e-commerce sites.

Some ingredients for making iced chocolate

2. How to make iced chocolate

Step 1 Puree the chocolate mixture

You put 5g chocolate powder, 8g frappe powder, 20ml vegetable fat cream, 40ml fresh milk, 20ml sugar water, 30ml condensed milk, 20ml chocolate sauce, 5-6 ice cubes into the blender until smooth.

Puree chocolate mixture

Step 2 Done

You pour the mixture just grinded into a glass and spray a little cream on the surface.

Spray whipped cream on iced chocolate

3. Finished Products

A cup of iced chocolate with a simple way to do it was completed in just a few minutes. With a new flavor that blends cool chocolate and extremely delicious and attractive fatty cream, almost anyone can’t resist this delicious dish after first tasting it.

New but very attractive iced chocolate

So, Vui Garden has brought you a very delicious recipe for making iced chocolate. What are you waiting for without making this delicious dish for the whole family to enjoy!

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