Instructions on how to set up an Asian banquet table

First to set up the party table, we must prepare all the tools and equipment before setting up. In fact, depending on the restaurant, there will be a way to set it up to suit the table area and the unique way of each restaurant. But in general, the way to set up a basic Asian-style party table will be in the following way:

  • Table: Round or long table depending on type. Table cloth.
  • Dish plate: usually 12-15cm in diameter. The dish plate is placed in front of the guest sitting, 2cm from the edge of the table,
  • Eating bowl: Place in the millet plate.
  • Personal fish sauce cup: place the cup in front of the millet plate, 1-2cm away from the plate.
  • Hanging chopsticks: Place the upper right hand side of the millet plate, so that the center of the individual fish sauce cup coincides with the center of the chopstick stand.
  • Chopsticks: Place on top of chopsticks at 1/3 of the length of chopsticks, 2cm from the plate.
  • If you put the chopsticks on the spoon, put the spoon on it.
  • If the chopsticks are not together, the spoon will be placed in the bowl with the spoon, the bowl with the spoon on the left hand side of the plate, the center of the bowl with the spoon and the spoon coincides with the center of the individual fish sauce cup, 2cm from the individual fish sauce cup. .
  • Towel: fold the towel according to the Asian pattern and place it on the plate.
  • Cups, cups: Place on individual fish sauce cups, 1cm away, or on the right hand side
  • Salt, pepper, toothpick, flowerpot: Place in the center of the table.
  • Seating: After setting up the food, the chair must be placed neatly and the center of the chair is in front of the center of the plate. The edge of the seat just touched the tablecloth hanging down.

Note: For utensils and tools with logos or words, when placed on the table, all such utensils must be placed so that the direction of the logo and text is in the direction of the guest sitting.

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