Experience Vietnamese traditional dishes at Vui Garden Restaurant

Talking about Vietnamese culture is talking about Vietnamese culinary culture. The soul and culture of Vietnam is expressed through each dish, because traditional Vietnamese dishes are not simply a single dish, but in each dish, Vietnamese people attach great importance to harmony in food. there. Not only meeting the criteria of quality and taste, but Vietnamese traditional dishes are also satisfying and delicate in both form and form, attracting people to enjoy.

Therefore, many international guests visiting Vietnam want to experience traditional Vietnamese dishes, most of which are highly appreciated and full of praise after the experience.

Korean tour group to experience Vietnamese culinary culture – Bun Cha

Bun Cha is one of the dishes imbued with Vietnamese culture, this is an idyllic and attractive dish in a very balanced combination of ingredients from meat with vegetables, fruits, seafood to the recipe. Combine typical spices to have a very special bowl of sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Malaysian delegation “Touched” Vietnamese culture – Visiting and experiencing “Bánh Xèo”

In fact, Vietnamese food is not too greasy like Chinese dishes, not too spicy like Indian dishes, not dairy-oriented like u dishes, etc., so it is easy to suit the culinary tastes of guests from many countries. Banh xeo is one of the very popular dishes of Vietnamese people, with the crust made from rice flour combined with coconut milk, chicken eggs, sugar, salt, and scallions. Inside the cake are mushrooms, shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts. After the flour mixture is thinly coated on the hot pan, the processor will pour the filling mixture on the top of the coated cake and spread it evenly over the surface of the rice paper. When cooked evenly, the cook will fold the cake in half right on the hot pan and wait until it is golden crispy. Banh Xeo will be eaten with raw vegetables and dipped with sweet and sour fish sauce to feel the full flavor of Banh Xeo.

Korean guests experience Crab-beef hot pot

Hot pot is a familiar dish of Hanoi people, Vietnam. Especially in the winter, under the cold weather, almost everyone who comes to the meal will remember the Hot Pot, because of the warm feature of dipping, blowing and eating at the same time. Hot pot also converges many foods such as corn, tubers, green vegetables and mushrooms dipped with sweet broth from the bones, adding to the attraction. When eating hot pot, people can gather, enjoy and talk together. Therefore, Hotpot is always the optimal choice when organizing a party, or gathering family and friends.

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