How to make fruit yogurt at home

Yogurt is a familiar dessert for everyone, isn’t it? Today, Vui Garden will guide you how to make a very strange and attractive fresh fruit yogurt. Let’s go to the kitchen now!

Ingredients for making Fresh Fruit Yogurt

Condensed milk 380ml

 Yogurt 200ml

 Fresh milk with sugar 450ml

 Kiwi 300g

 Strawberry 150g

 Passion fruit 150g

 Sugar 150g

How to choose to buy fresh strawberries

  • Choose to buy large, bright red, succulent strawberries with a characteristic mild aroma. Especially with the stem, fresh green leaves.
  • Do not buy fruits with green skin, still green spots because those are usually picked when they are still unripe, they often have a sour taste, little water.
  • Do not buy berries that are unscented or have only a faint scent as these are ripe strawberries that have been pressed or sprayed. In addition, you need to avoid choosing strawberries that are dull, deformed and rotten.

How to choose to buy fresh passion fruit

  • You should buy red-purple (with red passion fruit), bright yellow (with yellow passion fruit) because the darker the color, the more ripe the fruit will be, the better the taste.
  • You can try by smelling passion fruit, natural ripe passion fruit will have a very specific aroma, avoid buying those with strange smells.
  • Hold the passion fruit to check if it is heavy, the size corresponds to the weight of the fruit, you should buy it.
  • In addition, you should buy fruits that are not too hard when squeezed because hard fruits are usually young.

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Make fruit yogurt. After the yogurt has been incubated for 8 hours, open the lid and stir well. Pour yogurt into a beaker to make it easier to pour yogurt into the bag. You pour yogurt into a bag with fruit, leave about 2cm and then use an elastic band to tie it tightly. Continue pouring until the yogurt is gone.

Complete: Put the fruit yoghurt in the freezer, leave for 4-5 hours for the yogurt to solidify. You can finally enjoy it.

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Finished Product: Fresh fruit yogurt has extremely beautiful colors, very eye-catching. Cool yogurt has a fatty, sweet and sour taste that is very delicious to eat, when enjoying, it also has an extremely attractive fruit scent.

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