Outstanding events at Vui Garden Restaurant

With a location near the center of Hanoi, airy space and convenient parking area – Vui Garden Restaurant is one of the ideal destinations for organizing events, birthday parties, family and friends parties. Coming to Vui Garden Restaurant, customers can not only experience traditional Vietnamese dishes but also enjoy high-class and quintessential dishes prepared by the restaurant’s professional chef.

The show was attended by many famous Vietnamese singers and artists, including the Artist Thanh Hoa.

Due to the advantage of spacious space and professional service quality, Vui Garden Restaurant is chosen by many partners when organizing large and small events. At Vui Garden Restaurant, we serve many service models such as: Café, a la carte menu, buffet, tea party, etc. Along with the enthusiastic service of the staff who are well-trained and guided, always bring customers the best service quality.

Nescafe’s new product launch teabreak party

Customers can fully enjoy the feeling of closeness, chatting, enjoying delicious food at the restaurant, and coming to Vui Garden Restaurant. Customers also feel the unique and impressive features of the unique and ancient architecture. The classic is delicate, harmonious between nature and people, bringing a sense of peace and closeness.

Exchanges and meetings with friends are warmly organized by customers at VUI

Come to Vui Garden Restaurant, we always accompany you in all big and small events. We are always proud to be the unforgettable destination of every customer.

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