Instructions to make peach orange lemongrass tea at home as delicious as in the shop

Peach orange lemongrass tea is a very popular drink recently. On hot days, nothing is more wonderful than enjoying the sweet and cool taste of a cup of peach tea. More specifically, this drink is not difficult to make. Just follow the instructions in our following article, you will immediately have delicious cups of peach orange lemongrass tea to invite friends and relatives.

Peach orange lemongrass tea cool drink on summer days

Instructions for making delicious orange lemongrass peach tea

Although it is an extremely hot drink, the way to make orange lemongrass peach tea is not fussy. With just a few ingredients and patience, you will quickly have yourself and your friends delicious cups of tea.

Ingredients to be prepared

Peach orange lemongrass tea attracts drinkers by the acrid taste of the tea mixed with the sweetness of peaches and the sour taste of oranges along with the aroma of lemongrass. To have the most delicious cup of peach orange lemongrass tea, you should choose yellow orange, also known as American orange. This type of orange not only helps the taste of this drink more delicious but also adds many vitamins to the body

Choose ingredients carefully before processing

Before coming to how to make lemongrass peach peach tea, we need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • 1 yellow orange
  • 40ml peach syrup
  • 20ml orange syrup
  • 2 tea bags filter
  • 5 lemongrass plants
  • 2 pieces of box peaches
  • Sugar syrup
  • Some ice cubes

The tools for preparation include: Glass cups, knives, chopsticks, stirring spoons, clean cutting boards.

The easiest recipe to make peach orange lemongrass tea

Many people still mistakenly believe that orange and lemongrass peach tea is a difficult drink to prepare. However, this thinking is very wrong. In fact, the recipe for preparing lemongrass peach peach tea is extremely simple. You can completely do it at home by following these steps:

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

  • Wash the oranges and cut them in half. Cut half of the fruit into thin slices. Squeeze the other half of the fruit.
  • Lemongrass cut the stem and leaves, wash and then cut into chunks. Next, you smash the lemongrass then put it in the pot and add 400ml of water. Boil water on high heat.
  • Peach the box you brought to cut into bite-sized slices.
  • After the lemongrass water is boiled, turn off the heat. Put two tea bags in a glass, add lemongrass juice just boiled and brew the tea for 10-15 minutes, then take out the filter bag.

Ingredients to prepare quick and simple peach orange lemongrass tea

Step 2: Instructions for making standard peach orange lemongrass tea

  • Put the freshly squeezed orange juice into a cup of lemongrass tea. Add sugar syrup according to user’s taste.
  • Next, add peach syrup and orange syrup, using a spatula to gently dissolve the mixture.
  • Place sliced ​​pickled peaches in a glass and garnish to your liking.
  • Finally, add ice cubes and you’ve got a delicious, nutritious cup of peach orange lemongrass tea.

The health benefits of peach orange lemongrass tea

Not only is it a delicious drink, orange lemongrass peach tea is also known for its many health benefits. Specifically, these uses are as follows:

Boost the body’s immunity

Peach tea contains many antioxidants. These active ingredients make an important contribution to improving the body’s immune system. Drinking peach tea helps the body reduce stress and fatigue. At the same time, a cup of peach tea will help the body to be supplemented with a large amount of vitamin C. It is effective in fighting some diseases such as flu, sore throat, …

Anti-oxidant, prevent cancer

As mentioned above, peach tea is a drink with a very rich amount of antioxidants. Polyphenolic compounds have the ability to prevent the formation of wrinkles and skin aging. In addition, antioxidants also help the body prevent some cancers effectively.

The vitamins and minerals present in lemongrass peach tea are very effective in improving the integrity of arteries and blood vessels. They also lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Support weight loss

The good news for overweight people is that peach tea is extremely effective in burning fat. This will help support everyone’s weight loss process more smoothly. Not only can you enjoy today’s trendy drink, but you can also use it to support the process of getting back in shape faster.

Peach orange lemongrass tea supports weight loss

Supplement calcium for the body

According to reliable scientific studies, peach tea contains a large amount of calcium and fluoride. So when drinking peach tea means that our body will be supplemented with this mineral. Calcium helps keep your bones and teeth strong, preventing the risk of osteoporosis.

Peach tea is good for eyes

Perhaps you do not know, drinking peach tea is also a method to help supplement nutrients for the eyes. Peach tea contains Beta-carotene, which is a precursor to Vitamin A, which has the ability to promote vision and protect the retina.

Detoxify, detox the body

Peach tea is a beverage rich in fiber and potassium. They are extremely beneficial for the intestines. Drinking peach tea has the ability to prevent gastrointestinal diseases such as gastritis, constipation, colitis, … In addition, this drink also has the ability to remove toxic substances from the body. This helps promote liver and kidney function.

Instructions for preserving peach tea

Although it is a very delicious drink, if you do not know how to store it, this drink will be spoiled. To use peach tea for a long time, the remaining peach tea you can put in the refrigerator to preserve. When you want to drink, you just need to take a sufficient amount of water and prepare according to the instructions above.

Orange juice will make the drink naturally sweet, but if you like it sweet, add maple syrup to taste.

Orange lemongrass tea can be completely preserved for 3-4 days. However, if you use it during the day, it will ensure a more delicious taste. Above is the entire way of making standard orange lemongrass peach tea that anyone can make. Hopefully after this article you can confidently invite your relatives and friends to delicious and nutritious cups of tea.


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