Top healthy drinks in summer

1. Juice

Fruit is always considered a very good source of nutrition for the body, especially in the summer when the sun is more intense every day. So, in that sweltering hot sun, if you can enjoy a glass of fresh fruit juice with many attractive colors, there is nothing more interesting.

Fruit juice has the effect of both helping to cool down and helping to supplement the nutrients needed by people in the summer of lack of nutrients. Therefore, instead of drinking sugar-containing drinks, you should supplement and replace with fresh fruit juice which will be much better for your health.

2. Corn silk juice

Theo y học cổ truyền cho rằng râu ngô hay còn gọi là râu bắp vốn có vị ngọt, tính lành, có thể dùng tươi hoặc phơi khô nấu thành nước uống hàng ngày. Khi nấu cũng có thể cho thêm một nhánh mía lau hay lá dứa sẽ giúp hương vị thêm đậm đà hơn.

Corn silk juice can be used to replace filtered water daily. That is very good for people with high blood pressure, diabetes. Corn silk juice can be used for all ages because it is very benign, so you do not have to worry about using this drink.

3. Coconut water

This is a refreshing drink that is used by many people not only in the summer. Coconut water inherently has a warm sweet taste, without any poison. Coconut water has the ability to help the body strengthen the mind. Therefore, drinking coconut water regularly will be very good for human health.

Summer comes, you just need to buy a coconut or two, take the water out into a shift, then scrape the young coconut into the water, add sugar as you like and ice cold to have an ideal, nutritious beverage very clean!

4. Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is a beverage that is available in all four seasons and is available everywhere, especially in the summer. Sugarcane contains many nutrients in terms of high sugar content and vitamins, soluble fiber is very good for the body. Drinking sugarcane juice both sweet and cool will fight fatigue, purify the kidneys and prevent liver diseases.

Let’s use a glass of sugarcane juice for a more refreshing summer day! You can buy cane juice ready-made or you can make your own at home with a small juicer. Adding kumquats when squeezing will give you a much more delicious cup of sugarcane juice. However, sugarcane juice will have the ability to cause weight gain because it contains sugar, so those who are easy to gain weight should use it in moderation.

5. Orange juice, lemon juice

Oranges and lemons are two fruits that contain many trace elements that are essential for the human body, especially essential oils and citric acid, which provide timely supplement for each person’s body in the metabolism of nutrients, increase health. resistance and anti-aging for the body.

Fresh orange juice and lemon juice also have a very good cooling effect. In addition, they are also effective in beautifying the skin for women. A glass of orange or lemon juice on a summer day will help you dispel the hot, muggy sun and make your body much more calm.

6. Water collision

This is a cooling tea that has been around for a long time. Tea was traditionally used by our elders as a daily drink to quench thirst and cool off effectively. Moreover, tea is also a drink that helps to detox, refresh and is suitable for all seasons, especially the hot summer.

Recent studies have shown that if you drink filtered water in the summer, your body can get rid of it in about an hour. However, if you drink tap water in the summer, only 1/5 of the water absorbed by the body can be discharged after that period. Therefore, tap water has a good effect on the body in terms of keeping water.

7.  Soymilk

Soy milk usually has a sweet taste with a bit of fat. Soy milk not only has a cooling effect but also provides the body with a large amount of nutrients suitable for the body. Soy milk can also dissolve phlegm, reduce blood fat, and lower blood pressure for people with high blood pressure.

Moreover, when drinking a cup of soy milk per day, it also has the effect of preventing colon cancer and reducing blood sugar very well for people with diabetes. However, people with stomach diseases should not use soy milk!

8. Pennywort juice

Gotu kola has a cool, sweet taste that helps clear heat and detoxifies effectively. Gotu kola juice is often used when fever, nosebleeds, boils, heat rash … It is also used when the liver detoxification function is weakened or used for mothers with little milk to breastfeed. Just use crushed fresh gotu kola and squeeze out the juice, add filtered water and sugar to drink, it will be effective immediately.

In addition, gotu kola juice also has a very good cooling and cooling effect. You can also use gotu kola to cook soup or dry to cook water for the day!

9. Green tea

Green tea is an extremely good beverage with a cooling effect that is indisputable. The miracle in the green tea leaves is that the most powerful antioxidant content is derived from nature, which helps to eliminate all fatigue and stress for the body when having to work at high intensity. . Moreover, green tea water also cools the skin, eliminates toxins and makes the skin brighter, younger and more beautiful.

In the hot summer weather, drinking green tea is both refreshing and good for health. If you drink about 4-5 cups of green tea every day, it can help you prevent high blood pressure, blood fat and atherosclerosis. However, only drink green tea during the day because it will interfere with sleep when you take it that night.

10. Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera, also known as aloe vera, is a familiar plant of women about extremely effective beauty methods. Aloe vera juice also has a cool sweet taste that is easy to drink, both men and women can enjoy it.

Moreover, aloe vera juice has the effect of eliminating some cancer-causing agents, helping to eliminate toxins from the body, so it also increases human resistance.

11. Houttuynia cordata juice

Houttuynia cordata is also known by other names as fish essence, leaf plant. It is a small, perennial grass. The plant has rhizomes that grow underground, preferring to live in wet places. The tree is about 40cm high, has small roots growing at the nodes, the trunk grows upright. Houttuynia cordata flowers are sessile, pale yellow when young, borne in spikes, with 4 white bracts. Flowers bloom in the summer, lettuce leaves when crushed will have a fishy smell like fish.

Houttuynia cordata a large amount of fiber, vitamins and nutrients that work to nourish healthy and beautiful skin from deep within. The habit of drinking a glass of lettuce juice every day will bring many benefits to health and beauty.

12. Cassava juice

According to Oriental medicine, cassava has a sweet taste, cool properties, has the effect of relieving heat and muscle loss, giving speeches with insight, giving birth to only thirst, and promoting yang only, often used to treat diseases such as fever due to extrasensory perception, pain. neck pain, headache, measles, high fever, thirst, diabetes, diarrhea, dysentery, high blood pressure, myocardial ischemia, nosebleeds, vomiting blood, hemorrhoids and deafness in the ears.

Mix cassava flour into boiled water to cool, add sugar, stir well. In the summer, when you are doing hard labor or traveling long distances, drinking tapioca starch water helps reduce thirst, relieve fatigue, and prevent heatstroke.

Cassava flour can be used in combination with gotu kola to make it more cool and effective in the following way: Take 20g of gotu kola, wash, pound, add boiling water to cool, squeeze out the water, then mix with 10g of tapioca flour, add oral route. Or cooked to eat. Mix tapioca flour with white sugar and water and cook like a stir fry

13. Black bean juice

Like most beans, black beans are valued for their fiber and protein content. Black beans contain many important vitamins and minerals that bring many health benefits.

Many women, especially Japanese, consider black beans a secret to taking care of their skin. Roasted black beans contain many minerals, vitamins and 10 amino acids such as Lysine, methionine, tryptophane, phenylalanine, threonine, valine, leucine, arginine and histidine. These are all important ingredients to help maintain supple health as well as improve and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it smooth and youthful. In addition, the polyphenols in black beans are compounds known for their high anti-aging effects.

14. Squash juice

Benincasa hispida is a fruit with low heat capacity, almost no fat content and has the ability to reduce fat accumulation in the body, so it is an ideal medicine to treat obesity, eat squash for a long time. can help you have a peaceful body.

Regular use of fresh squash juice will help the skin become visibly brighter because squash contains a lot of water and vitamins that are good for the skin, change the moisture of the skin, smooth the skin, blur spots and blemishes caused by acne. Pumpkin juice helps to cool down, detoxify, prevent heatstroke, heatstroke, prevent boils, itchy sores, heat rash, detoxify due to food poisoning (shrimp, fish) in case of mild poisoning.

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