Top 5 dishes to try when coming to Hanoi

Beef noodle
Beef noodle soup is a famous dish not only in Hanoi but also in Vietnamese cuisine. Pho contributes to bringing the culinary symbol of Vietnam to the world, because of its delicious taste, easy to eat and easy to crush right from the first time. enjoy first. Coming to Hanoi, you can see beef noodle shops everywhere and you can enjoy it at any time.

Pho gives diners a clear sense of the new smart combination of Vietnamese cuisine. It is a bone broth with anise, cinnamon served with meat, rice noodles, herbs and chopped onions on top, served with thinly sliced ​​beef.

Although the method is meticulous, the price of a bowl of pho is not too expensive, only ranging from 30,000 VND – 50,000 VND depending on the size and topping you choose, perhaps that is why Pho is chosen by many people. instead of my main meal like that

Bun cha Hanoi

Referring to Hanoi’s delicious dishes, it is mentioned that vermicelli, bun cha is considered as a specialty of the capital land, which when you come here, you can see it everywhere. There are many types of vermicelli, but bun cha seems to offer food connoisseurs the most endless appeal..

The soul of that dish is the bowl of dipping sauce, a bowl of water served with grilled pork rolls must be full of charcoal grilled lown meat, it can be grilled meat or minced meat depending on your preference, shredded carrots and papaya, The taste of the sweet and savory dipping sauce served with raw vegetables is truly unforgettable.

Crab noodle soup

In Hanoi, bun rieu is surpassing, becoming the most popular gift. The proof is that right from the first day of Tet, this dish has been “hunted” by diners and the price of a bowl of crab noodle soup is up to hundreds of thousands but still crowded. use. The Hanoi-style broth must have a mild sour taste of vinegar and tomatoes, bringing out the mild sweetness of field crab. The market grandmothers clean the field crabs, pound them, then put them in water, filter them thoroughly, then decant the crab juices into the pot, gently stir and simmer until the crabs emerge in pieces.

The soul of the dish is the pot of broth and each vendor has his own family secret in making the broth to attract customers. Looking at the pot of red broth, the color of tomatoes, sparkling with golden crabs, it’s hard to resist.

Cha Ca La Vong

La Vong grilled fish is one of the names that are extremely familiar to the people of Ha Thanh, because the dish gives people an irresistible delicious taste. This place is likened to a paradise of fish enthusiasts. You will enjoy delicious pieces of fish and are guaranteed to be caught 100% from Hoa Binh – that is Hoa Binh salmon. Along with that, the fish cakes are processed in a sophisticated and new way.

Certain delicacies you can’t miss are braised lentils with bananas and beans; grilled lentils with salt and pepper; Salmon spring rolls, salmon hotpot; Salmon spring rolls… all processed extremely sophisticatedly and beautifully, you can be spoiled for choice

Hanoi spring rolls

If walking through the street food of Hanoi, Nem dish is one of the very popular dishes. With a harmonious combination of vegetables, tubers and meat,… Hanoi Nem makes people not feel sick. The outside of Nem is rolled by thin rice paper, inside is a mixture of ingredients such as ground pork, eggs, mushrooms, vermicelli, fresh onions, carrots, bean sprouts and spices. After rolling, the Nem will be deep-fried in boiling oil, fried until the Nem turns yellow, and the Nem shell is crispy.

The special feature in Hanoi Nem dish can not be ignored the Nem sauce, because the standard occipital water is sour, sweet, spicy, and spicy, which adds to the attractiveness of Hanoi Nem dishes. This is also an important factor that needs to be focused on to make Hanoi Nem more perfect in the eyes of Vietnamese food lovers.

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